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No fees or penalties of any kind. No minimum to start and no balance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up, Genitrust Savings will ask you some quick questions so that we can understand your financial position and savings goals. We put this information together in a manner that respects your privacy beyond the highest online standards. Genitrust uses this information to help other institutions understand how they can help you reach your financial goals. Your information is always private, and none of your information is ever sold.

Genitrust uses your money to give suppliers of high-demand e-commerce goods access to more inventory. Basically, we help stores earn more sales by preventing their buyers from seeing the dreaded "Out of Stock" message. Genitrust charges the stores a fee for every order that needs surplus inventory, and those fees are paid out to Genitrust Savings customers in the form of a predictable Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Whenever stores need more inventory for high-demand goods, the stores' customers will directly use Genitrust's payment processors. This ensures that Genitrust receives payment and can secure the excess of inventory for the retailer. Before Genitrust gives that money to the store, Genitrust will first deduct a fee from the store's account, similar to how credit cards work today. A portion of that fee goes to Genitrust Savings customers. Furthermore, Genitrust only stores its reserves with FDIC members and validates the accuracy of its books with the latest blockchain-based technology.

We proudly offer a savings account with no limitations —go as low or high as you want without any obligation! We always have a better plan for you as your savings grow with us. The maximum Annual Percentage Yield is currently 12%.

We operate in a different industry than banks, stockbrokers, mortgage professionals, and all of those out-dated systems. Those industries would have to change their business model and service offering to compete with us.

We are an online Financial Technology company with minimal operations. Furthermore, our operations make the most of the latest financial technology and save us an average of 90% in overhead costs compared to the old, out-dated financial institutions.

It's not just higher interest rates that set hyper-yield savings accounts apart from other savings products.

Here are just a couple of the biggest financial benefits of hyper-yield savings accounts:

  • Higher APYs: Hyper-yield savings accounts generally offer significant boosts on interest rates than traditional savings products. That means you can earn more on your money and meet your savings goals faster.
  • No or low fees: Hyper-yield savings accounts tend to come with no monthly fees and low fees for things like having non-sufficient funds. That's especially the case with hyper-yield savings accounts found online.

Yes, your money is FDIC-insured and protected with an extra layer of financial security by blockchain technology.

About Genitrust Savings


Genitrust is one of the first pioneers in the Hyper-Yield savings and investments industry for the general public. It takes only 2 minutes to sign up, and there are no obligations meaning that you can change your mind at any time!


Savings Meets Gamification.
Imagine earning up to 12% on your money every year—and it's fun! Genitrust Savings learns your savings goals and helps you achieve them better, all while rewarding you and your friends with extra bonus points.

Up to 12%

Still Unsure?
We understand how frustrating the lack of personal touch can be in the Internet age. And that is why we give you personal, one-on-one attention to help with any questions you may have.

Before Genitrust Savings:

You gave $1,000 to a typical online savings account to use your money. After 1 year, the bank profited handsomely and, in return, paid you $1 after charging you an occasional banking fee. You wonder why you ever signed up for the traditional online savings account in the first place.

After Genitrust Savings:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

You install the Genitrust Savings app transfer $1,000 to your new Genitrust Savings account. You then see that you have already earned $7.50 in interest on your first deposit! You decide to sit back and let your money work for you, generating more and more interest that compounds every month.

After 12 months, you've earned over $100 and paid zero fees. You breathe the crisp air of fresh financial accomplishment. We understand why you are saving in the first place, and we are designed to make that happen!

Ready to earn up to 12% APY?
Absolutely no fees.